Get Paid FAST with MaxBack's FastPay!

Customize your shipping and payment methods to estimate your payment date. Typically it's within 3 business days* or less of MaxBack receiving your cell phone, tablet or wearable tech!

MaxBack's FastPay Payment Forecaster - Find out when you'll get paid!

Step 1: How will you ship your package?

You can print your own label right away and ship your item immediately, or you can order a shipping kit from MaxBack.

MaxBack pays Fast via Check in the Mail

Check Payment: Fast

Not withstanding government holidays or natural disasters, you can expect your check to be mailed within 3 days of completing** your transaction! Please allow an additional 3-4 days for First Class delivery.

MaxBack pays Fastest via PayPal

PayPal Deposit: Faster

Once your transaction is complete** you can expect payment to your PayPal account within 24 hours or less.

* Payment dates not guaranteed to Hawaii and Alaska residents.

** MaxBack transactions are complete once we receive your item and it's condition has been verified by one of our inspectors. If your item needs to be re-quoted, we confirm the new buyback price with you before we complete the transaction. If there are multiple items in your transaction, payment will be issued once all the items have been inspected.