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Selling your company's phones shouldn't be a hassle - get the best deal with MaxBack.

Our Features

MaxBack provides a safe and sustainable way for businesses and organizations to sell used cell phones, tablets, and more.

Data Security

Safeguarding personal data is important. We restore all devices to factory settings then perform intensive quality checks to ensure all data has been removed.

Payment Flexibility

Flexible payment options include check, PayPal, and ACH so your business is always paid quickly and via their preferred method.


Your materials will be reused or recycled in accordance with the highest standards set by the EPA and independent environmental auditors.

Financial Stability

Since 2010, MaxBack has purchased and remarketed millions of dollars' worth of electronics from across the United States


Quotes from MaxBack Customers

I can think of no better place to sell on the internet!

As a volume partner, I have sold hundreds of phones to MaxBack in the last 18 months. After an extensive amount of research and consideration, we elected to use MaxBack for our resale partner of choice, and we simply could not have made a better choice. MaxBack is exemplary in its service, professionalism, efficiency, and re-sell rates. I cherish my working relationship with MaxBack and foresee a continuation of our partnership for years to come. I strongly endorse MaxBack as THE place to sell your phone or tablet; in fact, I can think of no better place to sell one, ten, or 100 items.

Jesse G., Volume Seller

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