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Sell Your Apple Watch Series 0

Smartwatches are some of the hottest products on the market today. The smartwatch craze all started with the Apple Watch Series 0, considered by many to be the first legitimate smartwatch on the market. If you own an Apple Series 0 and you are looking to earn top dollar by selling it, our team here at MaxBack has your solution. We offer a fast and intuitive selling process with competitive prices for Apple Watch Series 0 products. Learn more about our process below and sell with us today!

How do I identify my Apple Watch to sell?

The Series 0 Apple Watch, also known as the Generation 1 Apple Watch, was released in April of 2015. It was available in a 38mm and 42mm case size. The Apple Watch Sport Series 0 was available in space gray, gold, rose gold or silver aluminum. The Series 0 Apple Watch was available in space black or silver stainless steel.

Not sure if this is the right model? Visit Apple Support to identify your Apple Watch, then sell your Apple Watch Series 0 (Generation 1), Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3, or Apple Watch Series 4 to MaxBack!

What to Expect When You Sell your Apple Watch Series 0

When you sell your Apple Watch Series 0 to MaxBack, you're getting top dollar for your device because we constantly compare our prices against our competitors. The process is super-easy:

  • Get a Quote: Choose the Apple Watch Series 0 model you wish to sell and get a quote.
  • Accept your Quote: Accept your instant quote for your Apple Watch Series 0, add it to your cart, and check out.
  • Unpair your Apple Watch: You’ll need to make sure your watch is unpaired from your iPhone. Follow our instructions here. Also make sure to remove any passcodes or locks
  • Mail your Apple Watch: Shipping is free! Just use the prepaid USPS label provided at checkout.
  • Get Paid FAST: Once we receive your Apple Watch Series 0, we'll inspect it and pay you fast! (And we'll keep in touch via email throughout the process, so you know when to expect your cash!) If you choose PayPal, you can be paid even faster!

Inspection Process for Selling Your Apple Watch Series 0

All Apple Watches are fully inspected to ensure the accuracy of your quote. Your transaction may be re-quoted if we find a discrepancy in the condition or functionality of the item(s) shipped. You may also receive a re-quote if any Apple Watch Series 0 is determined to be a different model than what was originally indicated. MaxBack may offer you a quote for the correct item and pay you according to the current value of that item. This re-quote can sometimes be less or sometimes be more. In either re-quote scenario, you are in control. If you choose to accept the new quote, we will pay you the re-quoted amount. If declined, we will return the item to you and as always, the shipping is on us.


What do I need to do before I sell my Apple Watch Series 0 to MaxBack?

Our team cannot purchase locked or synced smartwatches, so make sure to unpair your Apple Watch Series 0 from your iPhone and remove any locks or passcodes you might have on it. (Follow these easy steps to remove your Apple Watch from your iCloud account.)

What is the best way to package my Apple Watch Series 0 for shipment?

To securely ship your Apple Watch Series 0, pack it in a box with plenty of cushioning to prevent damage. We recommend using the original packaging if you still have it. Avoid envelopes, as they do not offer enough protection. Save on shipping by printing out the free USPS shipping label provided by our team at checkout and affixing it to your box.

What is the best time to sell my Apple Watch Series 0?

Prices for most smartwatches decrease over time. If you are looking to sell your Apple Watch Series 0, now is the time. At MaxBack, our team offers a 30-day price lock to help you get a fair price the moment you accept our quote.

More questions about selling your Apple Watch Series 0? See our full FAQ.

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