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Equipped with an improved camera, state-of-the-art splash-, water- and dust-resistance, a bigger screen size and a beastly processor, the new iPhone 11 Pro is one the best smartphones on the market today. In high demand by professional and recreational users alike, the iPhone 11 Pro commands high resale values — great news for those looking to sell or trade in. Here at MaxBack, we offer top-dollar cash compensation for iPhone 11 Pro models in virtually any condition. Our process is fast, easy and lucrative. Learn more below and sell with our trusted team today!

Selling Your iPhone 11 Pro With MaxBack: How it Works

  1. Get a quote. Start the selling process online by filling out the requested form concerning your iPhone 11 Pro and getting a price quote from our team.
  2. Accept your quote. Accept your quote to lock in your price for the next 30 days, complete your checkout and get ready to send your iPhone 11 Pro.
  3. Prepare your iPhone 11 Pro for sale. Back up your data, turn off “find my iPhone”, un-sync your iPhone 11 Pro from iCloud and check with your carrier to make sure there’s no balance due before mailing.
  4. Mail your iPhone 11 Pro. Print out the free USPS shipping label provided by our team at checkout and use secure packaging to mail your iPhone 11 Pro to our address.
  5. Get the max for your iPhone 11 Pro! Once we’ve received your iPhone 11 Pro and performed our final inspection, we’ll pay you a competitive price in as few as 3 business days. We offer both PayPal and check payment methods.

Our Final Inspection: Confirming Quality and a Fair Price

The final step in the iPhone 11 Pro selling process is an in-house inspection performed by our team here at MaxBack. Once we receive your iPhone 11 Pro, our professionals will look it over to confirm our initial quote. Should we find any discrepancies, we may adjust our quote based on what we find. This can result in an increased offer or a decreased offer. Either way, you have the power to accept or deny or final offer. Should you accept, we’ll pay you the final amount ASAP. Should you deny, we’ll mail your phone back to the address of your choosing at no cost to you.


How much will I earn when I sell my iPhone 11 Pro with MaxBack?

The final price of your iPhone 11 Pro will depend on current market demand on the condition of the phone itself. To ensure that you get the best price possible, our team offers competitive prices and cash payments for iPhone 11 Pro models in virtually every condition.

What is the best way to ship my iPhone 11 Pro to MaxBack?

Start by printing out the free USPS shipping label provided at checkout to save on shipping for your iPhone 11 Pro. Attach your shipping label it to a box (don’t use an envelope — even a padded one) packed with plenty of protective materials to keep your phone safe during shipping. Finally, send your iPhone 11 Pro to our team, keeping in mind that we must receive it within 30 days of our original offer to honor our price lock.

What is the best time to sell my iPhone 11 Pro with MaxBack?

The price of the iPhone 11 Pro will likely drop over time as new models are released. For the highest possible payout, sell your iPhone 11 Pro as soon as you can. When you sell with our team, we lock in your price for 30 days the as soon as you accept our quote, helping you get the most for your iPhone 11 Pro even if the market price dips.

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