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The iPhone X is a popular smartphone used by millions worldwide. Years after its release, the sleek and sophisticated iPhone X is still in high demand on both the new and used markets. Whether you want to sell an iPhone X for cash or trade in your iPhone X, MaxBack is a risk-free option to get top dollar. Used by thousands of phone owners, our process is painless, and you can trust us to keep you updated along the way. Read on to learn how you can sell your iPhone X for cash at a competitive rate with our trusted team here at MaxBack and earn with us today

How to sell your iPhone X to MaxBack:

  1. Get your quote. Get an instant quote to trade in or sell your iPhone X by choosing your carrier and iPhone model.
  2. Accept your quote and lock in your price. If you like what you see, add it to your cart, accept the quote and checkout. From there, you will score our 30-Day Price Lock and start the mailing process. As long as we get your device within 30 days, you’ll earn the quoted value.
  3. Prepare your iPhone X for sale. Remember to back up your data, turn off ”find my iPhone” before mailing, un-sync your iPhone X from iCloud and check with your carrier to make sure there’s no balance due.
  4. Mail your iPhone X to us. Mail your phone to MaxBack with shipping on us using a prepaid USPS label provided at checkout. Please don’t send your device in an envelope since it can get damaged on the way. We suggest sending it in the original box, but any sturdy box with plenty of packing materials will work.
  5. Get paid fast! As soon as we’ve received your iPhone X and performed a final inspection, we’ll confirm or alter the original quote and send you your cash compensation. You can choose to be compensated via PayPal or check.

Our iPhone X Inspection Process

Once your iPhone arrives, we inspect it to ensure the accuracy of your quote. If anything isn’t as originally indicated, we issue you a re-quote for review. Sometimes it’s less, sometimes it’s more, but you’re always at the wheel when you sell or trade in your iPhone X with us. You can accept the re-quote and we’ll pay you, or you can pass and we’ll send your iPhone back with the shipping on us.


How much will I earn when I sell my iPhone X to MaxBack?

iPhone X prices are determined by phone condition and market demand. To ensure that you get the best rate or fairest trade-in for your phone, our team at MaxBack is committed to making competitive offers for iPhone X models in virtually every condition.

What is the best way to package my iPhone X for shipment?

To prepare your iPhone X for shipment, first print out the free USPS shipping label provided at checkout. Next, package your iPhone X in a secure box with plenty of protective materials such as bubble wrap or a cardboard insert. If you have the original packaging, use that. (Avoid using envelopes — even padded ones — as they do not offer enough protection.) Mail the package at your earliest convenience but remember that we must receive it within 30 days of your quote acceptance to honor our price lock.

What is the best time to sell my iPhone X?

Though still in high demand, the iPhone X has gradually decreased in value over time. For this reason, the best time to sell is as soon as possible. To help you earn and keep the best price for your iPhone X, our team here at MaxBack offers a 30-day price lock as soon as you accept our quote.

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