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Smartwatches are some of the hottest new tech items on the market today. Selling yours can earn you a solid chunk of cash — great for adding to your savings or economically upgrading to a newer, just-announced smartwatch model. Whatever your reason, you can rest assured that you’ll get an excellent cash offer for your smartwatch from our team here at MaxBack. Learn more about our fast and lucrative process below and sell with us today!

Selling Your Smartwatch with MaxBack: A step-by-Step Process.

With our team at MaxBack, selling your smartwatch takes only a few simple steps that can be completed from almost anywhere. Read on to start selling in seconds.

  1. Find your watch and get a quote. Find your specific smartwatch model on our website, fill out the necessary information and get a competitive quote from our team.
  2. Accept your quote. Accept your instant quote to lock in your price for 30 days, complete the checkout process and move on to the next step.
  3. Unpair your smartwatch. Use this quick guide to make sure your watch is unpaired from your smartphone. Also be sure to remove any passcodes or locks on your smartwatch.
  4. Mail your smartwatch. Pack your smartwatch securely and ship it for free to our team using the prepaid USPS label provided at checkout.
  5. Get paid FAST! After we receive and inspect your smartwatch, we’ll confirm your quote and pay you cash in as few as 3 days. Choose PayPal or check for your payment method.

The MaxBack Inspection: The Last Step Before Payment

To ensure the quality of your smartwatch and to make sure everything is good to go before we send you your payment, our team MaxBack will perform a final inspection of your smartwatch as soon as it arrives at our facility. If we find any major discrepancies between your original information and the smartwatch we receive — or if there are any pairing or passcode issues — we may decide to re-quote your transaction or send the smartwatch back to you. Our new re-quote may be a lesser or greater value than our original quote.

No matter what the quote is, you are in control. If you accept the final quote, we’ll pay you the quoted amount. If you decline the quote, we’ll send your smartwatch back to the address of your choosing with free shipping for the return trip.


What do I need to do before I sell my smartwatch to MaxBack?

To sell your smartwatch here at MaxBack, make sure to unpair it from your smartphone and remove any locks or passcodes you might have on it. (If you have an apple watch, follow these easy steps to remove your Apple Watch from your iCloud account.) We cannot purchase locked smartwatches.

What is the best way to package my smartwatch for shipment?

To securely ship your smartwatch, pack it in a box (not an envelope) with plenty of cushioning to prevent damage. We recommend using the original packaging if you still have it.

What is the best time to sell my Apple Watch?

Prices for used electronics sometimes fluctuate given demand, but as a general rule, they decrease over time. If are looking to sell your smartwatch, now is the time. Our team offers a 30-day price lock to help you get a fair price from the time of your initial transaction onward.

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