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On average, MaxBack customers get paid in 3 days or less!*

* MaxBack averages 3 days from the time we receive your item till your money is deposited in your PayPal account. Checks may take an additional 3-5 days to print and mail to your doorstep. Please note these are averages and exact payment date is not guaranteed.

5 Star Review

Easy, fast, and great service!

An on-line search showed MaxBack to offer the best price for my tablet. Their website made signing up for the sale and printing the mailing label very easy. Two days later, I got a surprise. They told me that my tablet had not 16GB but 32GB and they were raising the price accordingly. I accepted, and within the hour the money was in my PayPal account.


5 Star Review

Very impressed.

I was slightly skeptical when I decided to sell my tablet. I did try another website, but it never seemed to go anywhere. On here, I signed up, commited to sell my tablet, boxed it up & shipped it. Very short time later I received emails and remained inconstant contact with the company. And they deposited the money when they said they would. I am very pleased with my decision.


5 Star Review


After searching other companies to buy electronics, Maxback was the one that I felt was more trustworthy and the one that gave me more money for my iPad and phone. They guarantee the estimate they give as oppose to other websites that pretend they will give you more money, but in the end say it was not a locked in quote and you losing money.


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MaxBack purchases many different models of tablets manufactured by Apple, Samsung, Amazon, LG, Motorola, Sony, Microsoft, and more. The most popular models are the Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Note.

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